Heaven without angels



When: Very soon. Where: Very close. Alex is a different boy, he does not fit in his society, a community obsessed with health and  body worship.  He is rejected by the society and even his girlfriend despises him. Alex will have to learn that being different  is something to pay dearly in his world.


Directed by Laura Alvea José F. Ortuño
Written by José F. Ortuño
Produced by La Zanfoña Producciones, Koldo Zua Zua Pc, Canal Sur Tv
Cinematography: Alex Catalán
Edited by Mercedes Cantero
Music by José F. Ortuño
Cast: Silvia Rey, Dani Morilla
Genre: Science Fiction
Lenght: 15:00 min
Process: Color
Format: 35 mm / Scope

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