Women in today´s society are as Hourglasses, they move, but they wont go forward.  This short film reports and highlights the sexist and discriminator habits of our society, which have been passed down by generations, and no one knows how to stop.


Written and directed by José F. Ortuño Laura Alvea
Cast: Mª Alfonsa Rosso, Pilar Galindo, José Antonio Calvillo, Araceli Marco
Produced by La Zanfoña Producciones, Mundoficcion, Instituto de la Mujer Junta de Andalucía, Canal Sur Tv
Makeup: Anabel Beato
Costumes: Consuelo Bahamonde
Cinematography: Fran Fernández
Edited by Paco Campano
Music by Pablo Cervantes
Genre: Experimental
Lenght: 4:00 min
Process: Color
Format: 35 mm


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