Acheron films

The production company

Andalusian audiovisual producer with more than 20 years of experience in its own production and services to third parties.

Acheron Films is an Andalusian production company formed by the filmmakers Laura Alvea, José Ortuño and Marichu Sanz, with more than 20 years of experience in the audiovisual sector. Its vocation is to create risky and distinct products where each production has a well-defined and unique personality.

In addition to its own production, it offers the services of Script, Realization, Soundtracks, Production, Casting, Training and Assistant Directorship.



SYNOPSIS:Animas is a horror psychological thriller about Alex, a young girl who starts to experience horrific and unexplainable events that come to endanger her life. When she finds out that her best friend Abraham is behind everything, she gets a shocking revelation: he does not exist but is Abraham’s imaginary friend who, by visiting a psychiatrist, has decided to “get rid of her”. But it won’t be easy, as Alex is determined to survive and fight for her existence; even if she needs to take extreme measures.

Directed by Laura Alvea & José Fco. Ortuño
Written by José Fco. Ortuño
Produced by Olmo Figueredo
Género: Psychological Thriller / Terror

The Extraordinary Tale


SYNOPSIS: This is the story of a special woman, who meets a special man, so they live a love story even more special. For she suffers an obsessive compulsive disorder due to a childhood more than complicated. So does he.

Now, this woman who still lives in an everlasting childhood must face the greatest challenge of all: becoming a mother.

Direction: Laura Alvea & José Fco. Ortuño
Script: José Fco. Ortuño
Cast: Aïda Ballmann, Ken Appledorn, Mari Paz Sayago, Jane Arnold
Genre: Black Comedy
Lenght: 79 min
Process: Color
Format: HD

The Gaze of the Muses


Sinopsis: THE GAZE OF THE MUSES is a documentary where we discover a traditional and ancient profession generally unknown by the public where we look for the first time at a work as beautiful and as hard as that of the live model.

Starring Patricia Villaitodo, a model who has been practicing this profession 18 years in which she has lived all kinds of experiences, negative and positive, and that help us to reflect not only on the evolution and current situation of this work, but on it as a metaphor for the current situation – artistic and social – of women in contemporary society and her evolution over the centuries.

Direction: Laura Alvea
Screenwriter : José Francisco Ortuño
Executive production: Marichu Sanz
Director of photography: Beatriz Hohenleiter
Sound manager: Beatriz Hohenleiter
Production manager: Marichu Sanz
cinematography and post production: Laura Alvea, Fátima de los Santos
Music: José Francisco Ortuño
Documentation: Patricia Villaitodo



SYNOPSIS: Sevilla, a short films that dismantles the myths about the holy, catholic and apostolic city.

Directed by José F. Ortuño & Laura Alvea
Written by Javier Berger, José F. Ortuño
Cast: Javier Berger, Pilar Galindo, Antonio Estrada, Aïda Ballmann
Produced by Lourdes García
Cinematography: Fran Fernández
Edited by Fátima de los Santos
Sound: Juan Cantón



SYNOPSIS: June 1977. After many years putting up with her tyrannical father, finally he dies and Maria can breathe and be free. Or maybe not. Because she is supposed to get married to the boyfriend that her father chose for her: Juan Carlos.

Directed by Laura Alvea José F. Ortuño
Written by José F. Ortuño
Cast: Carmen Vique
Produced by Marichu Sanz
Cinematography: Alex Catalán
Edited by Fátima de los Santos
Makeup: Desireé Araujo
Costumes: Marichu Sanz, Laura Alvea
Lenght: 6m 12s



SYNOPSIS: Women in today´s society are as Hourglasses, they move, but they wont go forward. This short film reports and highlights the sexist and discriminator habits of our society, which have been passed down by generations, and no one knows how to stop.

Written and directed by José F. Ortuño Laura Alvea
Cast: Mª Alfonsa Rosso, Pilar Galindo, José Antonio Calvillo, Araceli Marco
Produced by La Zanfoña Producciones, Mundoficcion, Instituto de la Mujer Junta de Andalucía, Canal Sur Tv
Makeup: Anabel Beato
Costumes: Consuelo Bahamonde
Cinematography: Fran Fernández
Edited by Paco Campano
Music by Pablo Cervantes
Genre: Experimental
Lenght: 4:00 min
Process: Color
Format: 35 mm

Heaven without angels


SYNOPSIS: When: Very soon. Where: Very close. Alex is a different boy, he does not fit in his society, a community obsessed with health and body worship. He is rejected by the society and even his girlfriend despises him. Alex will have to learn that being different is something to pay dearly in his world.

Directed by Laura Alvea José F. Ortuño
Written by José F. Ortuño
Produced by La Zanfoña Producciones, Koldo Zua Zua Pc, Canal Sur Tv
Cinematography: Alex Catalán
Edited by Mercedes Cantero
Music by José F. Ortuño
Cast: Silvia Rey, Dani Morilla
Genre: Science Fiction
Lenght: 15:00 min
Process: Color
Format: 35 mm / Scope